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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ogilvy Mumbai Launches a Campaign for ‘Future Generali Insurance Week’

Future Generali Insurance Week

Ogilvy Mumbai creates a new campaign for Future Generali. Through this initiative, Future Generali has taken a higher stance of propagating the message of ‘need for insurance’ or ‘Insurance is a must’ to secure one’s family.
The campaign includes a series of 3 TVC’s supported by Radio, Out of Home (OOH) and a comprehensive On-ground activation program to be held across Big Bazaar outlets.

The brief was quite simple: To come up with a clutter breaking concept that will cut through this over-communicated, cluttered category particularly during the peak investment period of January to February. The intent was clearly to create a concept that is just not clutter breaking but also has a strong positive message that is communicated very simply.
Abraham Alapatt, Head – Brand & Communications – Future Generali India Life Insurance Co Ltd: “We at Future Generali Life, wanted to do something dramatic and strong to break down the barriers of apathy and procrastination that affect all of us when it comes to Insurance Planning. Insurance Week is Future Generali’s way of creating a unique annual occasion to remind millions of Indians – in a hard hitting, un-ignorable way, of the need to re-evaluate their insurance needs, and highlight to them the various simple ways they can buy insurance.
The campaign’s creative thought is rooted in an Indian insight: the “Karta” philosophy – that the family bread-winner needs to ensure the financial security of his family during and after his life, to ensure his peace of mind. The light hearted handling of this hard hitting message in the ads, makes this bitter pill easier to swallow. The simple act of signing a white balloon at a Big Bazaar to signify ‘Mukti’ – is a powerful metaphor for life, and the promise of financial security for our families.”

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Executive Creative Director, South Asia: “In our culture, we blinker ourselves to the inevitability of death. We simply do not prepare for it. When the provider of the family passes on, those left behind suffer. Not just emotionally, but financially. An insurance policy serves to reduce the sudden financial loss caused by death which only adds an additional burden on the grieving. Sometimes, by creating a timebound period in which one is urged to act, we find that people overcome their avoidance behaviour and respond. Hence, Future Generali, is taking the lead in the insurance industry and introducing ‘Insurance Week’.

The ad campaign features a regretful spirit who wishes he had provided for his loved ones before passing on. This spirit cannot truly be laid to rest, as he sees the suffering he has left behind. Our hope is that by depicting a possible scenario in the future, with an immediate solution to avoid it, we will urge and encourage them to take an insurance policy against it.

“ Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Senior Creative Director: “Insurance ensures peace of mind not only in this life but in the afterlife too. This hard hitting message is delivered in a light hearted manner by a regrettable ghost to build the Insurance Week property.”

Heeral Akhaury, Senior Creative Director: “To create the Insurance Week property we used a creative rendition of the phrase ‘let your soul rest in peace’ and who else but a ghost urging you to do so.”
Ajay Mehta, Client Services Director: “The attempt is to create a movement through Insurance week and make one realize the importance of having an Insurance policy. So go ahead – “Sign Karo, Mukti Pao.” .

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